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If strategy, finance, operation and accounting issues are affecting your business or are taking too much of your time and effort, TopClass Consult can be a trustworthy partner to provide your company with immediate and reliable assistance.

We are a business, investment and accounting consulting firm that combines experience and expertise with excellence. Our knowledgeable consultants have over 15 years of collective industry experience and are an organizational force to put your faiths on.  Having providing TopClass advisory services for a wide range of businesses, it’s safe to say there isn’t much that our staff haven’t seen and dealt with.

From preparation of strategy plan to bringing operational efficiency, from developing business plan and complex financial model to conducting business valuation and due diligence, from establishing plausible accounting system to preparing and analyzing financial documents and suggesting ways to improve profit, TopClass will simply get your company figures in order, on time.

With accurate and up to date reports at your fingertips, we will give you the tools and control to make well-informed decisions and get on with the day to day running of your business.



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